So, how are you and God getting along?  Is he talking to you and putting his love into your heart? Do you have all God's gifts (grace) you need?

Jesus made the way to God "easy." All we need to do is "ask and it will be given." No hard work is required - only a humble spirit and a questing heart is required. 


Having faith in one's membership in a religious system is not the same as having a faith relationship with God.  Knowing about God and knowing some Bible verses is not the same as knowing God.  God knows and loves each of us, but how many of us know God and actually love God?  How many people do you know who desire to personally meet and know God? 

Many will speculate on, and debate about, God's nature, but few can testify to having a personal relationship with him.  You are willing to develop personal faith in God because you are  reading this page. Do you know God as your daddy (Abba)?  Would you like to have God as your earthly father? If you are not experiencing God as your father/daddy, you can - and should.

There is only one-way to God. That way is open to everyone. It is through asking in prayer. Everyone can pray. One-to-one communication with God is a universal privilege. God's inviolate rule is that humans can neither permit nor prevent prayers. God, the creator of all people, carefully listens to all, and knows all of our thoughts..  So, how will our prayers put us into a one-to-one relationship with God?

God's openness to our prayers, either verbal or only by thoughts, is a "done deal." God hears all prayers simply because God is omnipresent, always present, and omniscient, all knowing. No one can be removed from God's reach or hearing. No one is outside of his eternal concern.

Our prayer problem is we have been taught to tell God what we want and expect he will give us what we ask.  The correct way to climb into God's lap is to let him tell us what he wants.  Obedience to God is asking him to direct our lives, to lead us and guide us, with our promise to obey.  This is Abraham's "secret" that took him into eternal glory. God told Abraham to "walk with me (God) and be blameless." Our first step of faith is willingness to "walk with God" rather than  directing him into doing our wishes.  This is the beginning of faith, our trusting God to lead, joined with our willingness to follow.

If we hand over our lives to his leading and directing - agreeing to "walk with him" - he will make us "blameless' by putting his Spirit into our hearts and minds.  This is what is called "salvation." and "forgiveness of sins."

In our times the emphasis on education implies our faithfulness and spirituality is improved by study. Our great failing is to imagine that knowing about God, and being able to describe God's attributes, is somehow the same as personally knowing God having a close personal relationship with him. Now we know different.  Salvation  is meeting  God and allowing God to teach us about himself.

When day is done and the lights are out, the final prayer before sleep is to God and not to, by, or for a religious system. Intuitively we know faith is a do-it-yourself project. We are on our own. Our soul hungers for direct contact with God. We want to have God's presence, grace, and blessings. So we ask for that. We seek God in prayer and expect God's response.

In those times, we are truly little children relating to a spiritual Father. We tell God our needs and feelings. We want God to listen, comfort, and give us approval. We want to have the divine presence Adam and Eve gave  away. We want to live in his presence and enjoy his wise guidance with assurance of his love.

God wants to provide our needs, but he must have our agreement to "walk in his ways."

Our agreement (covenant) with God is easy.  We simply ask him to take over our life and protect, correct, and direct us in all our acts and choices. We agree to do his will in all things, asking only for his direction. We pray to him, asking him to put his Spirit into our minds and hearts so we can be blameless. We expect God to make himself known to us in this life, and are assured he will by putting his Holy Spirit into our minds and hearts.  (Jeremiah 31:31 ff.)

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